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Top Reasons to Seek Commercial Funding for Building Projects

The Great Recession caused major declines in America’s construction business by the time it ended in 2009. But, according to PBS, it’s been slowly returning back to life over the last couple of years. This multi-billion dollar industry can be exciting and lucrative for prepared contracting and construction companies. Yet, small business owners in need Read Full Post

Equity & Debt Financing: What The Difference Means To Your Business

Equity & Debt Financing: What The Difference Means To Your Business If your business is looking at commercial financing options, you’ve likely come across both equity and debt financing. While both have their advantages, which is best for your business for both the short term and the long term? It’s a common enough dilemma facing Read Full Post

AllFi Solutions: The Future of Financing

AllFi Solutions: The Future of Financing At AllFi Solutions, we do more than offer funding for businesses. We’re building the future of lending. Our creative, flexible solutions are changing the way people think about financial institutions. We are charting new territory to make accessing your capital painless and hassle-free. The Problem with Traditional Funding With Read Full Post

How To Get Funding For Your Small Business

Options for small business funding has never been more diverse; and never more complex. In this guide, we’ll take you through some of the necessary steps that can take your business from start-up to success. It’s a common enough dilemma facing anyone looking to start a small business. You have a vision. You have the Read Full Post

Commercial Real Estate Financing – What You Should Know

Whether you’re looking to establish your business in a major metropolitan center or a suburban hub, commercial real estate financing options have never been better for small business owners. We’ll tell you about some of the choices available for your business to help you make the best decision. Commercial property demand is at an all Read Full Post

Business Line of Credit

Business Credit Line A business line of credit is a revolving loan that enables you to draw funds, as needed, up to a maximum dollar amount. These funds are usually used to meet the short-term working capital needs of a business. A line of credit can be used to buy inventory, finance marketing, and brand Read Full Post

Is Your Business Short of Cash Even though it Turns a Profit?

ALLFI provides fast easy access to finance for small and medium sized businesses. Unlike other lenders, we know the difference between cash flow insolvency and balance sheet insolvency. At ALLFI, we are committed to ensuring that a viable business does not go under because it’s short on cash. We extend a welcoming hand and provide an introduction to the products and services you may require to help your business survive in hard times and succeed in better times.